My research for each painting entails talking to the elders of my community, many of whom are over 90 years old.
They are full of the rich Mayan history of our people. As we speak together in our native Tz'utujil dialect, their words are like colors which are transformed into stories on my canvas. Because the history of our culture is disappearing, this is my way of saving and sharing our way of life. It is also our vehicle to create a better future for our people.

El Cayuco del Lago de Atitlan

El Cayuco was the first transportation in the Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. From 1900, the elders used Cayuco, a canoe made by the people of the community in the dry season. They carved the tree and designed the cayuco for transporting up to 12 people, then carried the canoe from the mountain to the Lake. But before the Cayuco was dropped into the water, the people covered it with a layer of pine liquid to protect the wood. Today the cayuco is used to transport people and products to other towns and enable the sales of flowers, vegetables and goods from one town to the other.

If you would like to buy the original draw of this painting, contact the artist through benedictomayanartist@gmail.com or live talk.

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La boda Maya in Guatemala

It is a big moment to be married in front your families and to become a vital, integral part of the community.
"The Mayan Wedding" reveals the joy of the new couple as they become part of a new family that comes to be part of the town and the community as a whole. The painting shows how a wedding typically happens in Guatemala: usually the woman and the man must listen to a lot of recommendations about life and love from the people in their immediate circle; this generally lasts around four hours. At the end of the tutorial, the new couple will eat using one plate and one cup as a Signifier of a strong union  -- then the guests will have food, too.

If you would like to buy the original draw of this painting, contac the artist thruogh benedictomayanartist@gmail.com or live talk.

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