The income from Benedicto’s Artworks each year supports education and school materials for those who would otherwise go without. In 2015, Benedicto's art supported Margarita Pichiya,  who graduated from college as a Business Administrator, while her parents survived day to day as rural farmers. Like many others in this rural, tribal community, Margarita's parents make from $1 to $5 dollars a day, and have not enough income to cover her tuition each month. We were honored to be able to help her graduate and continue her education.   

Ellyn J. bought the painting in my studio.

A home of poor family recued by the income from a painting sold in Portland OREGON

In may 2018the income from this 48 X 32 "painting, titled "LA TRAIDA DEL CAYUCO," bought by  Jellyn J. has rescued the home a poorest familiy in San Juan La Laguna. Whe I sold the painting I had decided to find the right student to support a year school, but finally found this family that was in risk to lose their house in hand of a bank. This situation touched my hart and dicided to pay the property to the bank with the goal to return the land and the house to this family.

So many families in the communities do credit in the bank to support their high school kids, mainly they use their home ownership document to get quickly the credit, but the big problem is they doný have anough income to pay back the loan ontime. 

in San Juan La Laguna, so many families who is looking ways to make their life better, unfortunately their opportunities of work are so little, and this make dificulties of not having food and make their kids drop from School.

I appreciate  buying my art, withthe income I can help others and also at this way you help me to generate opportunities to people.

Thank you to be part of all good things! 

School Supplies to support kids to go school in 2019 

81% poor families stragle with their kids to go school

The Goal is to support 2 thousand kids with school suplies and also sponsor the tuition for adolescentes in middles school and high school. The plan of distribution will be the first week of january 2019.

The income from families is not anough to attend basic needs. Many of their kids stop school that they need to go work and be part of the income of the family or they get married on the 13 years old. 

The opportunity for the people is clearly small, less jobs in agricultures which most of them survive day to day. Families with special kids suffer in extremely situation. That's why we are providing food every third sunday each month to needy families, also just in Agoust 2018 we bought a SPRING TO MAKE SURE the community of PANYEBAR and othes little villeges have water, all this thanks to CENTRO MAYA PROJECTS. 

Potentialy for next january is to provide school supplies. Then keep helping people to BUILD A 4X4 HOME, ELECTRICITY IN HOMES, WATER PIPES, AND FOOD FOR NEEDI PEOPLE.

Kid from Panyebar with a buttle trying to get water